08 Jul

Press Release: Claus Lauter, an award-winning eCommerce entrepreneur, has launched a new mentorship program online.

{Singapore} - Claus Lauter, an award-winning eCommerce entrepreneur, has launched a new mentorship program online.

Lauter says the program is designed for individuals who feel stuck with their eCommerce business. “The core of my mentoring is helping my clients establish a work-life balance that is successful and enjoyable - without stress, doubt, or overwhelm.”

Any business owner, manager, or employee who runs an eCommerce-based business can benefit from the mentorship. It is intended for those who lack clarity and direction, and want to know what to do next to grow their business. “Unlike other programs of this type, this mentorship program gives eCommerce professionals an easy way to connect with an experienced mentor who has extensive eCommerce knowledge and skills”, Lauter says.

Lauter knows what's happening in today's eCommerce world, which makes him a perfect match for anyone seeking guidance, accountability, and motivation.

“Ecommerce professionals are overwhelmed by running their online business and are constantly stressed, risking burnout”, he says. “Having a mentor can be a great way to validate ideas, point one in the right direction, and boost one's confidence when facing a challenging situation.”

Lauter is an award-winning eCommerce entrepreneur who’s supported entrepreneurs, business owners, startups, and marketers for many years. The former owner, director, and advisor of various SME organizations has over 20 years of experience in online business. His mission is to help eCommerce professionals grow by providing guidance, advice, and practical strategies.

For more information on the mentorship program, please visit www.clauslauter.com

Media Contact: Claus Lauter
Business Name: Idube Pte Ltd
Phone: +1 800 576-0920
Email: hello@clauslauter.com
Website: https://www.clauslauter.com

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