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Reach your perfect audience of direct-to-customer (DTC, D2C) brands and showcase your brand, app, AI solution, SaaS, event, or marketing service to our audience. Connect with engaged listeners on any device, in any environment, at any moment.

With over 25,000 monthly listeners, 6,500+ newsletter subscribers, and a ranking among the top 5% most popular global shows on ListenNotes, our podcast stands as the fastest-growing in the Shopify ecosystem.

Over 300 ecommerce industry experts and thought leaders from brands like Gorgias, ReferralCandy, LoyaltyLion, and Yotpo saw the value of being featured on the show and gained increased reach and new customers.

Regularly, the show stands out among the top podcasts on Apple Podcasts and Spotify charts in the marketing category. → APPLY HERE

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Get interviewed on our podcast


“One guest podcast spot is worth more than 1000 social media posts”,
Pat Flynn, Smart Passive Income Podcast


What's in it for you?

  • You get your brand in front of a wide audience of Merchants, Founders, and Marketers who are looking for solutions to grow their Shopify stores.
  • You increase your brand awareness and generate incredible reach for your business. You reach your audience while commuting, exercising, or doing household chores and make it easy for them to listen to your brands message.
  • You use a fast and easy way to create evergreen content for your brand, which will drive long-term traffic to your website.
  • You showcase your knowledge and experience, connect with potential clients, and improve your website's SEO ranking through backlinks.

With more than 25,000+ monthly downloads and 6,500+ newsletter subscribers, my team & I help you connect with potential clients and stay ahead of the competition.

Our thriving audience engages with the podcast across various social platforms, creating a substantial following and a strong community around the show.

Plus: You'll join me on the show for a 20-25 minute laid-back chat in a conversational style, and we'll take care of the rest (which consists of approximately 4 hours of work, including the efforts of an audio editor, a graphic designer, and a virtual assistant, to be exact)

The Power of Audio

“Forget Guest Posting… Guest Podcasting is King.”, Neil Patel, Top 10
Marketer by Forbes


Some facts why you should consider being a podcast interview guest.

  • Ad Results Media reports that 68% of consumers are likelier to contemplate a product or service when they learn about it through a podcast, surpassing the figures for YouTube/Online Video (62%), Social Media (61%), Live or Recorded TV (54%), and Am/FM Radio (49%). [Source]
  • There are 464.7 million podcast listeners globally as of 2023. This number is predicted to reach 504.9 million by 2024. [Source]
  • There are now more weekly podcast listeners in the U.S. than Netflix subscribers. (Source: Podcasts: Edison Research/The infinite Dial 2023)
  • Podcast interviews and sponsorships are five times more effective than web ads like Meta/Facebook or Google ads, according to Advertisecast.
  • Podcasts generate up to 4.4x better brand recall than display ads according to the NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.
  • 69% listeners agreed that podcast ads made them aware of new products or services (Nielsen Digital Media Lab).
  • According to a survey by Edison Research, 67% of podcast listeners reported being more likely to consider purchasing from a brand mentioned on a podcast.
  • More than 4.2 million businesses worldwide have opted to use the Shopify platform for their business needs. (Source: Builtwith.com)

A Top-Rated Marketing Podcast for Shopify Merchants

The best way to reach your audience: This podcast is the ideal advertising medium for businesses providing products and services for the Shopify platform, because the hard work of finding your ideal customers (ecommerce merchants) has already been done.

Each week we interview world-class ecommerce experts and thought leaders about the latest marketing trends and best practices on how to build a profitable business on Shopify.

  • The podcast consistently ranks high on Apple Podcasts and Spotify in the marketing category
  • Voted As Top 20 Shopify Podcast On Feedspot
  • The show is one of the top 5% most popular podcasts out of 3,070,294 podcasts globally, ranked by Listen Score (the estimated popularity score)
  • Ranks 197 out of 5000 in the "Global - Technology - Reach" category (IAB V2-certified measurement on chartable.com)
  • 5 -Star Reviews in Apple Podcasts ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

The podcast is designed to be a quick and easy way for ecommerce merchants to stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends and strategies. It is a great resource for Shopify store owners looking for practical, actionable advice and inspiration to help them run and grow a successful online store.

Each episode is a short, 20-25 minute conversation between the host Claus Lauter and a guest expert on a specific ecommerce topic.

We cover topics such as Shopify Apps & Themes, Shopify Best Practices, Marketing technology (MarTech), DTC Marketing, Ecommerce Marketing Automation, CRO, Paid Advertising (Meta & Google Ads), AI, social media marketing, and entrepreneurship.

Key Audience Statistics

  • Audience/Listener profile: Merchants, Founders, Entrepreneurs, and Marketers looking to grow their DTC / ecommerce stores.
  • 25,000+ monthly listens and downloads on all channels combined (growing month/month)
  • 300+ episodes, with 8-10 new episodes per month
  • 78% of subscribers listen to most or all episodes
  • 72% Average Consumption Percentage / Retention per episode (Spotify)
  • The podcast has been heard in over 140 countries, with 70% in the USA and Canada, 19% in Europe, 3% in Asia, and 3% in Australia
  • 54% of listeners access the podcast on a mobile device
  • 56% of listeners are male, 44% of listeners are female
  • 36% of listeners have an income of $75K+
  • 61% act on podcast advertising
  • 100% of listeners are ecommerce/Shopify savvy
  • Available on 30+ podcast listening platforms and apps
  • Top Ranked Google keywords "Best Shopify Podcast" and "ecommerce podcast"
Audience Statistics

Top Rankings in Apple's Podcasts Marketing charts (out of 17,500 in this category)

Top Rankings in Apple's Podcast Marketing charts
Claus Lauter - Host of the Ecommerce Coffee Break Podcast

Your Podcast Host: Claus Lauter

Hi, I am Claus, I am the producer and host of the Ecommerce Coffee Break Podcast, voted as Top 20 Shopify Podcast on Feedspot.

I’m an entrepreneur and digital marketing veteran with over 20 years' experience, official Shopify & certified Klaviyo Partner, award-winning eCommerce store owner, and certified Google expert. I was named one of the Top 20 Shopify Experts to follow in 2022.

Using the Ecommerce Coffee Break Podcast, I provide sponsoring companies and interview guests with a platform for advertising that offers consistent production, great content, and a loyal global audience.

My listeners value my opinion, so if I believe in your product/ service, they will too!

These are just a few of the awesome companies that were guests on the show.

Podcast Guest Application

What our interview guests say

"We had a great episode, both the hosting and the production are top." - Ruud den Rooijen, Head of Marketing at salesupply.com

"Fantastic - thanks so much, Claus. The podcast is excellent. You and your team did a fantastic job. Thanks again so much for having me on with you - it was a very enjoyable experience." - Marshall Cowan, CEO at Clevertar.com

"Thanks Claus. You are real pro in what you do ... no one has ever be so thorough when I have been a guest and I've done 100+ guest-speakings. Keep on doing what you are doing." - Nick Penev, Founder at scayul.com

"Your post-production audio processing is EXCELLENT as is the production value. Well done, Claus." - Garry Egan, Founder at getinterlinks.com

"Hi Claus, It's greatly appreciated. What a fantastic production, turnaround time and efficiency! Absolutely fantastic to have been on your show and knowing you. I'll stay connected in your communities by using the various links you have shared." - Veda Konduru at VectorScient.com

"I had a great chat with Claus Lauter on the Ecommerce Coffee Break Podcast. We discussed all things server-side tracking, and how it can make the difference in your ecommerce analytics." - Edward Upton, Founder & CEO at Littledata

"A wonderfully refined podcast host and we are pumped about the results." - Tim Van Winckle at tinyEinstein

"Looking for your next podcast recommendation? I had a great time talking to Claus Lauter about ecommerce and connecting with customers in the opt out era." - Fiona Stevens, Head Of Marketing at LoyaltyLion

"It was an amazing opportunity to have a conversation on the podcast with Claus. Absolutely delightful. I love the way he’s able to ask the right questions to bring as much value as possible to his audience. Recommend!" - David Simões, Founder & Solutions Architect at soundsgood.agency

"Hey, Claus & thanks for having me! Always excited to share how eCommerce companies can improve CLV!" - Valentin Radu, Founder at Omniconvert

"Great show, great host! As a long time listener, I was finally able to be a guest on the show and it was an amazing experience. Lots of great questions, and I hope you all enjoy my show! Thanks for hosting, Claus!" - Adam Chuntz at blankabrand.com

"Was absolutely brilliant to appear on the Ecommerce Coffee Break Podcast speaking about Shoppable Ads and Express checkouts with Shopala" - Justin Campbell at Shopala

What our listeners say

"Claus and his guests tackle any and everything you'd need to know about Shopify and the ever-evolving world of eCommerce in a friendly, almost unbusinesslike tone that is easy to follow and love." - ATzed,  5 Stars Review on Apple Podcasts

"If you are in e-commerce, this podcast is such a good place to get ideas about how to better run your business." - AndreiaRL,  5 Stars Review on Apple Podcasts

"A lot of interesting guests and very convenient format (25 min) Thanks Claus!" -Restguest,  5 Stars Review on Apple Podcasts

"As a Shopify designer who also runs her own store, I get a lot of useful tips from this show. Highly recommend!" - Nksdesign dreams,  5 Stars Review on Apple Podcasts

"Interesting podcast, easy to listen to. This is such a great resource, full of helpful advice. A must for any e-commerce business owners or for those interested in starting up an online business." - by rolandgarrostheultimate,  5 Stars Review on Apple Podcasts

"I really appreciate listening to your podcast. Its real & practical advice. Thank you!" -LuluUUSSAA,  5 Stars Review on Apple Podcasts

"Love this podcast for entrepreneurs, not just those starting out!" -CT001UK,  5 Stars Review on Apple Podcasts

"There’s something Claus mentions in the beginning, “Things you won’t find on Google” and that’s exactly what this podcast is." SepehrDtj20,  5 Stars Review on Apple Podcasts

What you get:

A comprehensive advertorial-style campaign tailored to promote your brand, including...

  • Zoom podcast interview
  • Call to action opportunity for your product or service
  • Professional audio mixing & mastering by an audio editor
  • Episode page on our website with show notes and full interview transcription. We send our audience to that page.
  • A lifetime do-follow backlink for SEO on our website
  • Links to your social channels and mentioned websites mentioned throughout the show
  • Available on 30+ podcast platforms with permanent backlink, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts
  • Keyword-researched and SEO-optimized episode title and description for organic exposure
  • Custom thumbnail for social media
  • Multiple social media posts on various platforms
  • One (1) guest post with backlink on our blog
  • Custom short-form video shared on socials
  • Unlimited episode hosting, the episodes are evergreen
  • Promotion in our weekly newsletter reaching 6,500+ subscribers
  • Bonus: Unlimited access to our listener community forum

How much is it:

Featured Interview

- Includes 1 featured interview episode
- One (1) guest post with backlink on our blog
- Promotion of your episode across various social media platforms
- Check out all the perks and advantages listed above

One-Time Investment:
$269 per episode, published within 45 days
$397 per episode, Front-of-the-Line option, published within 7 days

Episode Sponsorship

- Everything included in featured Interview, see above
- Your audio advertisements on 10 or more upcoming podcast episodes
- Your sponsor ad in our weekly email newsletter (6,500+ subscribers)
- Two (2) guest post with backlink on our blog
- Sponsor message on show notes
- Lifetime brand mention on our partner/sponsor page
- Promotion of your episode on various social media platforms
- see all features and benefits

Podcast Sponsorship

- Everything included in featured interview
- Your audio ads across the entire back catalog (over 300 episodes)
- Your sponsor ad in our weekly email newsletter (6,500+ subscribers)
- Two (2) guest post with backlink on our blog
- Co-branding on 300+ episode pages
- Lifetime brand mention on our partner/sponsor page
- Promotion of your episode on various social media platforms
- see all features and benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

Using podcasts as an advertising medium is ideal for businesses - the hard work of finding your ideal customers has already been done. Podcast interviews and sponsorships are five times more effective than web ads like Meta/Facebook or Google ads, according to Advertisecast.

A study by Westwood One found that podcast advertising has a higher recall rate than traditional radio advertising, and that podcast ads are considered more trustworthy and less intrusive than other forms of advertising.

Podcasts offer a highly engaged audience. A study by Nielsen found that podcast listeners tend to be more engaged with the content they listen to, as compared to other forms of media.

Podcasts are a convenient form of entertainment and information, as they can be listened to anytime, anywhere. According to a survey by Edison Research, 66% of podcast listeners listen to podcasts while doing other things, such as driving, working, or exercising.

Ask yourself: How much does a Meta or Google paid ads campaign cost before you have enough data to see results? Did you know the average cost per action (CPA) on Meta Ads is $18.68 across all industries?. Are you aware that the average cost per click (CPC) on Google Ads is $2.69 across all industries?

And how much time do you waste perfecting ad copy and artwork? How often are the results short-lived and fluctuating?

Alternatively, consider participating in a featured guest interview on my podcast, reaching your perfect audience of online sellers and Shopify merchants. You'll create a personal connection that ads can't match. Not only will it cost you less money, but it'll also save you a ton of time.

Ads fade, but your podcast episode lives on, reaching new ears over time. Build trust through authentic storytelling. Choose lasting impact over unpredictable, expensive ads.


Yes. As a featured guest, you'll get a comprehensive advertorial-style campaign tailored to promote your brand, product, or service.

Our featured guests contribute a one-time production fee of $269, which covers the recording, post-production, unlimited hosting, and marketing of your evergreen episode to our global audience. Production time for a featured guest interview episode is approximately four hours.

Our production fee of $269 for an interview episode is quite reasonable when you compare it to what some other well-known ecommerce podcasts charge. For example, the Ecommerce Fastlane Podcast and the Honest Ecommerce Podcast both have a $500 interview fee. And the Ecommerce Fuel Podcast and the Ecom Crew Podcast have even higher fees, at $999 and $1000 respectively.

So at $269, our production fee is quite competitive and affordable, especially considering the high-quality work and promotion you'll receive. We strive to provide excellent value for our clients, while keeping our rates reasonable compared to others in the ecommerce podcast space.

We're committed to maintaining the quality of our show, and the current pricing reflects that. The rate is expected to increase over time, in accordance with the growing popularity and number of downloads.

See what's included in our podcast rate card (PDF DOWNLOAD). There are no discounts or exceptions, so please do not apply unless you're willing and able to make this investment.

No. The show has a limited number of interview slots available for guests. Each week we receive substantially more applications than we have slots available. Production time for a featured guest interview episode is approximately four hours and includes interview preparation, recording, post-production, editing, and transcription. To support the production, hosting, and marketing of your evergreen episode to our global audience, we have introduced an One Time Production Fee for qualifying suitable B2B/B2C/DTC guests who want to be on the podcast. The one-time production fee for featured interviews is $269 USD per episode. See what's included in our podcast rate card (PDF DOWNLOAD).

While most podcasts use their shows to promote their own products or services, such as courses and marketing agencies, we treat the Ecommerce Coffee Break as a serious business.

This approach allows us to invest in audio quality, marketing, and show growth, ultimately benefiting our listeners, our guests, and ourselves. By doing so, we can reach a wider audience, attract new listeners, and generate ongoing downloads for your featured guest episode.

Our goal is to create a win-win-win situation for everyone involved.

With over 300 episodes under our belt, we can proudly say that we have avoided 'podfade,' which is the decline and eventual discontinuation of a podcast due to factors like a lack of time, resources, or motivation from the podcast creator. Statistics show that 75% of all podcasts fail, with many fading away after just the 7th episode.

When you partner with us, it's more than just advertising; you receive substantial value.

What's more, you invest only 30 minutes in our podcast, and we take care of the rest.

Our featured guests contribute a one-time production fee of $269, which covers the recording, post-production, unlimited hosting, and marketing of your evergreen episode to our global audience. This investment is well worth it.

20,000+ monthly listens and downloads on all channels combined (growing month/month) (March 2024)
Generally, 25-30 minutes is good but if a conversation needs to go longer, that’s fine with me! I think some of the best conversations need some time to get into it. Fill out the podcast guest application form to apply today.
Nope, it won’t be recorded live. Unless we’re doing a special live episode or webinar. This means we can cut out or edit anything you’d like. I like to have real, transparent conversations but if you say something that should be edited or drop a name that you’d like to take out, just me know during or after we record!
We won’t be recording right when the call starts. We’ll have a quick catch up conversation and run through some of the questions and then get started with the recording.

No, we will follow a conversational format. I don't prepare questions in advance and therefore do not provide them.

The podcast's vibe is that of two friends or colleagues having a coffee break or water cooler chat. Scripted or staged interviews will not be accepted by me. Real conversions are more valuable to my listeners than scripted sales pitches. To get an idea of how the interview works, listen to a few episodes.

Here is a list of common questions:

  • Can you please introduce yourself and tell our listeners a bit about your background in the ecommerce, app, and AI industries?
  • What inspired you to create or be involved with your app solution in the first place?
  • Could you highlight some of the key features and functionalities of your app that users find most valuable?
  • How does artificial intelligence and machine learning play a role in your app's functionality?
  • Can you share some insights into the integration options of your app?
  • In the age of data breaches and privacy concerns, how do you ensure the security and privacy of user data within your app?
  • Who is your perfect customer?
  • Could you share some success stories or case studies of businesses that have effectively leveraged your technology?
  • Walk me through the typical onboarding process for a new user. What steps are involved, and how long does it usually take to get up and running?
  • Is there any kind of home work the merchant needs to do before they can get started?
  • How does your pricing structure work?
  • You've got your finger on the pulse of ecommerce. What emerging trends do you see shaping the online retail landscape?
  • Finally, what advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs or businesses looking to thrive in the ecommerce?
No. The interview will be edited and the Ecommerce Coffee Break Podcast does not send edits for approval. For more details read the Podcast Interview Release Agreement.
Typically, I record several weeks ahead, so your episode may not be released for several weeks. Most go live within 45 days after we record. I’ll let you know as soon as it’s live so you can share on your social media channel, email list & website. If you need your podcast episode to go live faster, ask for the Front-of-the-Line option, where your episode will be recorded and released within seven (7) days.

There are a limited number of interview slots available, and we receive more applications than we have slots available every week.