24 Feb

Best Productivity Tools for Marketers

When it comes to marketing, simply having a great idea for a blog post or video isn’t enough. Great ideas need to be supported by great tools if you want to create engaging content that resonates with your audience and drives traffic. Luckily, it’s 2020 and there’s now an abundance of productivity tools to help marketers create high-quality content. Let’s take a look.

1. Zoom.us ?

What Is It For?

Zoom is a videoconferencing and teleconferencing service aimed at “modern teams”. The software is easy to use and works seamlessly across mobile and desktop.

How Does Zoom Work?

Zoom offers a range of ways you can access their software. Apps are available for Android and iOS devices, desktop, or in the form of a Microsoft Outlook Add-in.

How to Use Zoom

Zoom is perfect for conducting meetings when you’re away from your team or talking to clients in another location. The software supports HD audio and video and can support up to 1000 participants in the call.

2. Loom.com ?️

What Is It For?

Loom is a video recording tool aimed at content creators who want to deliver engaging messages through shareable videos. Loom’s major selling point is that it allows users to record camera, microphone, and desktop simultaneously to create quick content. Loom is a great way to present your marketing in a different format, and for this reason, is popular with LinkedIn marketers.

How Does Loom Work?

Loom as an app for both Windows and Mac, or you can install the Chrome Extension and record straight from your browser.

How to Use Loom

According to one study, 87% of marketing industry professionals use video as a marketing tool1. Why? Because people prefer watching a short video packed full of information than a long blog post.

3. photofeeler.com ?

What Is It For?

Photofeeler allows you to test out your marketing images on an objective platform, so you can see what works, and what doesn’t.

How Does Photofeeler Work?

You upload your image and then get objective feedback from targeted voters. You get to decide who can see your photo, and how long the voting period is.

How to Use Photofeeler

Photofeeler is a great way to test different images before putting them out there. Sometimes we miss something obvious about an image that won’t land well with the audience. Or maybe you’re stuck trying to choose between two great images and need some help deciding which is best.

4. Hemingwayapp.com ?

What Is It For?

Hemmingwayapp describes itself as “like a spellchecker, but for style”. Put simply, the app helps you understand your writing by breaking it down into the components. Once you understand how the different parts of your writing come together, you’ll be able to create bold and clear prose that will engage readers.

How Does Hemmingwayapp Work?

You simply write your text into their website and it will light up with color, showing you where you have used passive voice, what words you can remove, and more.

How to Use Hemmingwayapp

Use Hemmingway to check your writing before posting it. Hemmingwayapp will give you in-depth feedback about how readable your content is and where you can improve.

5. Grammarly.com ✒️

What Is It For?

Grammarly is another grammar and style checking app, much like Hemmingwayapp.

How Does Grammarly Work?

You can use the browser or desktop versions of Grammarly. If you prefer to use an alternative word processing tool, like Google Docs, you can also install the Grammarly addon which will kick in any time you’re writing on the browser.

How to Use Grammarly

Use Grammarly to edit your writing as you’re tapping away at the keyboard. Grammarly will instantly point out any spelling or grammar mistakes in your emails or blog posts.

Some more apps that will make your day more productive:

What is your favorite productivity tool or app? Leave your recommendation in the comments.

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