Get your brand in front of 1000's of Shopify merchants

Are you having a hard time promoting your Shopify-related products or services due to intense competition, limited resources, and struggling to reach your target audience? Try Podcast & Newsletter Advertising with the Ecommerce Coffee Break.

Podcast Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities

With more than 15,000+ monthly downloads, 5,000+ newsletter subscribers, 12,000+ social followers, my team & I help you connect with potential clients and stay ahead of the competition.

The Ecommerce Coffee Break Podcast + Newsletter reaches a highly qualified audience of Shopify merchants, marketers, and founders. We offer you a unique opportunity to connect with your ideal audience through customized audio marketing strategies designed for solution providers in the Shopify and ecommerce industry.

With over 4.2 million businesses using Shopify worldwide (source: Builtwith.com), sponsoring the Ecommerce Coffee Break Podcast + Newsletter offers targeted reach and cost-effective advertising that builds trust and delivers long-term impact.

    • Get your brand in front of thousands of potential customers by sharing it with our listener community.
    • Connect with your target audience through podcast + newsletter sponsorship.
    • Take advantage of the power of podcast audio advertising to make your company's outreach more visible and accessible.

Being an advertiser or sponsor of the podcast has many benefits.

The best way to reach your audience: Podcasts are an ideal medium for advertisers - the hard work of finding your ideal customers has already been done.

By sponsoring the Ecommerce Coffee Break Podcast, you can connect with an engaged audience of Shopify merchants and gain visibility among potential customers who are actively seeking out ways to grow their businesses.

  • Podcast advertising & sponsorships are five times more effective than web ads like Meta/Facebook or Google ads, according to Advertisecast.
  • Podcast advertising has a higher conversion rate than traditional advertising. Some experts site that podcast ads can drive an increase in traffic up to 10%!
  • Unlike advertising, podcasts connect you with your audience on a human level.

My listeners value my opinion, so if I believe in your product/ service, they will too!

Podcast Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities


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