23 Jun

Top 5 Challenges Business Owners have running an Ecommerce Store

In this video, I talk about the challenges I see most entrepreneurs have with their ecommerce store and how to solve them.

If you are a business owner or entrepreneur running an online store, e.g. Shopify or WooCommerce then you need to watch this video. It's a must if you are trying to optimize your ecommerce business.

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Hi, I am Claus Lauter and I want to talk to you about the challenges I see most entrepreneurs have with their ecommerce store.

So let's get started with number one.

Overwhelmed by choices.

Most entrepreneurs struggle with a myriad of choices in ecommerce technology like platforms & apps. They become a victim of the shiny object syndrome and try to become master of all trades, but in the same moment lose focus on what works in their business.

That is a real problem, as you can easily lose track and waste time with the next best new thing in the market.

Number two.

Not knowing who the perfect audience is

Lots of new entrepreneurs have only a rough idea to whom they want to sell their products or service. They target to broad and loose a lot of money & time due to paid ads with the wrong targeting or using the wrong social media platform. Knowing your perfect customer avatar is key here.

Number three.

Wasting traffic on a non-optimized store

Most stores and funnels that I see have low conversion rates and high bounce rates because they are not optimized for conversions. Often they confuse the customer more than they help. Here it is important to optimize every step in the customer journey to provide just the right information at the right time.

Number four.

Underestimating the power of your email list.

You should own your marketing which means you should own the customer data and use it for your marketing. Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc only give you the right to market on their platforms for a lot of money. With a good maintained and growing email list, you will own your marketing and can achieve more results for less money. Unfortunately, I see a lot of businesses that do not use email marketing automation at all.

And finally number five


Being an entrepreneur, business owner, or marketer can stressful and exhausting. You constantly need to push forward and sometimes not even knowing if you are doing the right thing. There is can be quite helpful to have an experienced entrepreneur as a mentor by your side to bounce off ideas, get advice, or just a second opinion.

Keep in mind that most successful entrepreneurs have mentors.

So let me introduce myself quickly

As a successful, award-winning E-Commerce entrepreneur and executive leader, I have gained 20 years of hands-on digital marketing experience. I launched my first own startup in 2001 and since I have started and grown several businesses in the USA, Germany, South Africa, and Singapore.

I have personally managed more than 3 million USD in online ad spend and have built more websites than I can count. And have generated millions of dollars in revenue for service- and product-based businesses online.

If it happens online, there’s a fair chance I’ve done it, managed it, or trained people to do it themselves.

This experience has now turned into my greatest asset. This all becomes 100% available to you as soon as you book a call!

If you want real-world and no-nonsense advice, from a straight-talking entrepreneur and digital marketing expert, then please don't hesitate to schedule your call today and let me help you grow your online success.

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