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Become a smarter online seller. We talk ecommerce, digital marketing, technology, AI, and entrepreneurship to help you grow your business.

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Looking for insights and tips from top ecommerce experts and thought leaders on starting and growing your own online business? Then the Ecommerce Coffee Break podcast is for you. It's the show for everyone who sells online.

Every week, host and digital marketing veteran Claus Lauter interviews the world's top ecommerce entrepreneurs and marketers. Previous episodes have featured experts from Google, Gorgias, ReferralCandy, Cartloop, Adroll, StoreHero, Limespot, Yotpo, Preezy, LoyaltyLion, PartnerHero, and many others.

You'll discover proven tactics for better online marketing, more website conversions, and maximum revenue growth for your online store or DTC brand.

The show covers a broad range of topics, including Shopify apps, direct-to-consumer marketing (DTC or D2C), Marketing technology (MarTech), social media, dropshipping, paid advertising, AI, entrepreneurship, and much more.

Join over 25,000 monthly listeners who want to improve their marketing skills, increase sales, and boost earnings. Ranked among the top 5% most popular global shows on ListenNotes, the podcast stands as the fastest-growing in the Shopify ecosystem.

With 300+ episodes, you're sure to find something that will help you grow your business faster. Short episodes, ideal for listening on the go. New episodes are released twice a week.

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What our Listeners Say

"Claus and his guests tackle any and everything you'd need to know about Shopify and the ever-evolving world of eCommerce in a friendly, almost unbusinesslike tone that is easy to follow and love.", ATzed - Review on Apple Podcasts

"I used to run an ecommerce store and what helped me a lot is listening to podcasts like this, you never know when your next info nug or great idea will strike, but listening to conversations from experts gets you on the fast track for success. ", joe from chiang mai - Review on Apple Podcasts

"Interesting podcast, easy to listen to. This is such a great resource, full of helpful advice. A must for any e-commerce business owners or for those interested in starting up an online business. ", rolandgarrostheultimate - Review on Apple Podcasts

Hey, I'm Claus!

I'm the founder, host, and producer of the Ecommerce Coffee Break. My journey into ecommerce started over 20 years ago when I launched my first online business (SaaS).

With a "no problems, only solutions" mindset, I dove deep into ecommerce marketing, traffic, conversions, and revenue growth. I've managed millions in online ad spending and started businesses in the USA, Germany, South Africa, and Singapore.

I then took my expertise to the airwaves, founding the top-ranked Ecommerce Coffee Break Podcast. It's packed with valuable insights for online merchants worldwide, all while I enjoy my cappuccinos.

To date, my podcast has hundreds of thousands of listens globally. Through my podcast, newsletter, and community, I've helped over 6,500 merchants elevate their ecommerce game and achieve new levels of success. For more about me, visit this page or LinkedIn.

Claus Lauter Podcast Host
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